Juarez Football Club returns to Mexican League with Televisa Deportes

Enrique Bonilla, Mexican Football League’s President, confirmed that the Juarez Football Club team will be part of the Mexican League, starting by mid-July. The team will replace Lobos BUAP, and its broadcasting rights will be owned by Televisa Deportes from the 2019/2020 season.

‘We are very happy, because Televisa will be like our house from now on. We are going to be part of that great family. The important thing is that we will bring football passion closer to our fans through Televisa’, said Alvaro Navarro, Juarez Football Club’s Vice President. The football team had the official approval from the Mexican League Clubs General Assembly to take part in the country’s main football circuit from next season’, said the club’s Director.

Mexican League’s highest authority also intended to ‘thank Lobos BUAP for its willingness to achieve this agreement. We acquire a great responsibility because we are a solid and serious sports project with many years of experience. Today we are facing the most important challenge in our history. It was a complex negotiation, but we always fulfilled in a 100 percent what the League and the institution asked us’.