Jovem Pan starts its TV expansion with match between Athlético Paranaense and Corinthians

Brazilian Group Jovem Pan  has officially announced a new partnership to start its expansion into the sports field. According to the information that was reported, the initiative will start this coming Sunday, August 22nd, with the match between Brazilian teams Athletico Paranaense and Corinthians, due to the Brazilian Professional Football League, known as ‘Brasileirão’.

With the news, Jovem Pan continues to expand the reach of its broadcast, outside the radio sphere: this year, the company announced the launch of its own FTA TV channel, and has even signed a new deal with A + E Networks so that the journalistic program ‘Jornal da Manhã’ is available on pay TV, on History Channel

Regarding the match between Athlético Paranaense and Corinthians, Jovem Pan confirmed that access to the event will take place exclusively through YouTube, on the ‘Jovem Pan Esportes’ account. The model chosen by the company for access to the match will be the PPV one, requiring a R$ 7.90 (USD 1.5) subscription, which can be paid through credit or debit cards.

‘We are very excited and motivated with this initiative’, said Gabriel Dias, Jovem Pan’s Sports Manager. ‘Without a doubt, this is only the first step we are taking to prove that Jovem Pan has the ambition to expand its football broadcasts towards TV. The election of Athletico Paranaense shows that Jovem Pan Esportes is among the most relevant YouTube channels in Brazil. We have reported more than 2.6 million subscribers, and we are going for more’, the executive added.

For the broadcast, Jovem Pan has run an agreement with the Livemode company and with Athletico Paranaense. The Brazilian club can sell its PPV TV rights of the matches it plays as a local team, such as this coming Sunday, thanks to an appeal granted by the Justice, in which it reported that the partnership with Livemode was signed while the Medida Provisional 984 was in force, which establishes that the club that plays the matches as the local one will be able to negotiate the sporting event’s broadcasting rights. For this reason, the match between Athletico Paranaense and Corinthians will be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, and the club’s OTT, Furacão Play, officially launched last year.

However, despite the appeal, several specialized websites in Brazil have reported that Corinthians, who will face Athletico Paranaense on Sunday, made a request to the Brazilian Justice to evaluate the case, since their TV rights belong to Globo, and its TV rights agreement was signed under the so-called ‘Lei Pele’, which establishes that, in football events, both clubs must have agreements with the same company for their broadcasts, in such a way that each team owns the 50% of the rights.