Jovem Pan plans to launch new news TV channel in May

According to the information reported on several specialized websites in Brazil, Brazilian Group Jovem Pan, which owns several radio stations in Brazil, announced its plans to launch a new TV channel in May, which will be called ‘24: News Jovem Pan’ , and will be focused on news content.

As reported by Antônio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, CEO of the company, 24: News Jovem Pan ‘will compete with BandNews (Grupo Bandeirantes), Record News (Grupo Record), CNN and Globo’. In addition, the Group is negotiating with pay TV operators so that the channel is part of their grids; as well as it will also be available on FTA TV through parabolic antennas; in Youtube; on Pluto TV (ViacomCBS); on Fire TV (Amazon) and on Panflix, Jovem Pan’s OTT.

For the new project, the Group has opened two new digital studios. In terms of programming, the channel will broadcast content 24 hours a day, and will feature 16 hours of new programs, while, during the remaining eight hours, it will offer renewed versions of programs that are already broadcast, owned by the company.

In addition to the launch of ‘24: News Jovem Pan’, the group already broadcasts various contents, which are available both on its official YouTube channel, as well as on Panflix and on its website.