Jovem Pan gets ready to launch its new TV channel and premiers program on History Channel

Brazilian Group Jovem Pan, which owns several radio stations in Brazil, has announced a new partnership with A+E Networks, so that the journalistic program ‘Jornal da Manhã’, leader in terms of live radio streaming, is available on pay TV through History Channel. The agreement became effective on August 3rd, and allows History subscribers to access the show in real time.

The news takes place after the Brazilian group has announced, according to several specialized websites in Brazil, its plans to launch a new TV channel, on the frequency on which MTV and Loading were previously available. In the case of Loading, a few months after it was launched, in December 2020, it canceled its entire original programming grid.

According to Antonio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, better known as ‘Tutinha’, CEO at Jovem Pan, the Group’s partnership with A+E takes place due to the interests of the digital convergence of radio, whose contents are already available on YouTube and that, In 2020, it launched its streaming platform, Panflix, thus bringing together listeners, Internet users and viewers on different platforms. ‘We want to expand the scope of programming in a continuous effort of innovations and alliances’, reported the executive.

In April, several specialized websites in Brazil reported that the name of the new channel will be ‘24: News Jovem Pan’, and will be focused on journalistic content. With regard to programming, the channel will broadcast content 24 hours a day, and will offer 16 hours of new programs, while, during the remaining eight, it will broadcast renewed versions of programs that the company already airs. In addition, the information reports that, for this project, the Group installed two new digital studios.