Japan tries to hurry analog blackout in Chile


A Japanese delegation will be deployed this week in Santiago de Chile to take part of the conference  “Towards the Digital Terrestrial Television switched-on “, organized by the National Television Council (CNTV), the Japanese Embassy  and the Chilean Communication Sub Secretary ( Subtel). Japanese delegation proposes to promote digital TV in that country, to carry out the analogue blackout in 2020.

‘Panorama is not good. Delay level in analog networks to implement digital TV is worrying’, said  Chilean Telecommunications sub-Secretary, Pamela Gidi. The original schedule established that, by March 2018, 15% of Chilean population would have access to digital TV, but the aim was not achieved.

According to the National Television Association (Anatel) Directory President, Ernesto Corona, current situation ‘is difficult’ and, he said, ‘it will probably be necessary to consider a couple of years extension to obey what law asks for’.

Although the deployment should be around 15%, Canal 13 reached 8%, Chilevisión 5%, Mega 4% and TVN 2%, according to Diario Financiero.

Japanese government wants to hurry this transformation, considering that Tokio Olympic Games 2020 may be an appropriate event to show off this technology and other derivatives, such as 4K HD and 8K, which allows to broadcast virtual reality.