Italian football league temporarily cancels its broadcasts in Brazil with DAZN

As reported by the Brazilian website Trivela, Serie A, the Italian football professional league, has temporarily cancelled the rights to air the competition through the OTT DAZN in Brazil, in order to renegotiate them. The OTT is the only one broadcasting all the Italian football league matches in the country, which resumed its activities recently after it was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Regarding the reasons for the renegotiation, the Brazilian website UOL explained that DAZN intends to pay a lower amount for the competition rights, due to having suffered damage because of the championship was cancelled, while the Italian league intends to receive the total amount of money previously agreed for this year. According to UOL, the renegotiations are in process and it is possible for DAZN to broadcast matches of the Italian competition again in Brazil, but, last weekend, when the tournament was resumed, the platform did not air the corresponding matches.

UOL also reported that DAZN intends to exclusively broadcast the Italian A series in Brazil, and wants that the Italian broadcaster RAI, which currently broadcasts one match from the competition per week, stop doing so. In turn, one of DAZN’s main concerns at this point is that RAI is part of the OTT Guigo TV catalog. In addition, the renegotiation of the A series  with DAZN in Brazil also damages Rede TV, which has an agreement with DAZN to broadcast one match for each fixture date of the competition on FTA TV in Brazil.

DAZN began operating in Brazil last year, and has the rights to broadcast several sports competitions in the country, including the C series in the Brazilian professional league, as well as the Copa Sudamericana, the leagues in England, France, Turkey and Mexico, and others. Apart from football, the platform also broadcasts basketball, tennis and combat sports competitions in Brazil.