IPTV Vader to cancel its operations

IPTV Vader, which offered live access to more than a thousand TV channels for USD 15 per month, announced the cessation of its operations through an email sent from the company to its customers. ‘We have no choice but to close Vader. We can not explain the reasons publicly, but some of our clients should know what happened’, the company expressed.

Although Vader did not give further details on the reason for stopping its operations, the specialized site TorrentFreak informed to have received unconfirmed reports that Vader is under an anti-piracy investigation, since, apparently, IPTV services do not have the necessary licenses to develop its business on a legal way.

‘We tried everything we could to avoid this, to avoid any interruption, but several people worked against us’, the company said, and added that it will work to make sure that there will not be emails, IPs and data from resellers in the wrong hands.