Iptel from Argentina to expand its coverage for triple play


Telecommunications company Iptel from Argentina announced through a press release that it will invest more than USD 6 million over the next five years to expand its coverage to more than 150,000 households and provide triple play plans (IPTV, 1Gb broadband internet and fixed telephony) and the development of its Video on Demand (VOD) service Cine IP.


Following the sharp increase in demand for higher capacity internet connections for video, applications and Cloud services, the company will invest in high end technology and building next generation optic fiber networks.


Iptel is currently present in six regions in Argentina with triple play services and in other four with double play. In addition, it plans to open business in three more locations during 2016 and early 2017. Its projection for 2020 is to double its customers and incorporate as soon as possible mobile services.


On the other hand, the company is developing applications for Internet of Things (IOT) such as Cloud video surveillance service through IP WiFi cameras, plus Smart Home, which adds the possibility to control light, temperature and security with the objective to provide control, intelligence and cost savings for homes and businesses.