“Integrating multiple OTTs in a single interface means simplifying the user experience”

In an interview during the conference NexTV Series South America, Gonzalo Hita, COO of Cablevisión, Argentina’s largest pay TV operator, spoke about Flow’s main features and the possibility of integrating OTT services.

Video streaming platforms are gaining more relevance in the market. During his participation in a ‘One to One’ session held in the event organized by Dataxis, Hita mentioned the company’s intention to integrate OTTs following a “win-win” scheme. In in this context, Hita mentioned that the launch of HBO GO as standalone service “changed the rules of the ecosystem.”

After its presentation, in dialogue with NexTV News Latam, Hita again mentioned the possibility of adding OTT content to Flow, the multiplatform service with catch up of the Argentine operator that already has more than 300,000 clients through the mobile app and others 100,000 through set-top boxes.

“We believe we have to make life easier for the customer and to be able to integrate the most popular OTTs in a single interface means to simplify the experience. We want to create a much better experience for the customer”.

What are Flow’s main features?

Flow has a lot of features, if we order them by use, the live streaming on different devices is the most used feature, both inside and outside the home. In second place is the Reverse EPG, followed by the use of On Demand folders and then the Cloud DVR, which with so much content sometimes passes a little more unnoticed.

-How do you think Flow will evolve in areas where there is still no coverage?

I think that a video service that runs on the internet requires a bandwidth to be able to guarantee the quality of that video. In the future, as bandwidth increases out of the main cities, I think the possibility of providing better video streaming quality will become more and more possible.

-When will the Flow apps for Smart TVs be ready?

We believe that by the end of the year we will be doing the first trial beta of an application, and based on how that trial evolves we will post the release date.