Imagen TV to be compulsory broadcast on Mexican pay TV

Mexican TV channel Imagen TV, owned by Grupo Imagen, recorded 51.57% coverage in Mexico and, because of this, pay TV operators must broadcast their content throughout the country, for free and without any technique discrimination to its customers.

This measure derives from the precepts established in the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law (LFTR), precisely in the must carry and must offer guidelines, which defines when and how a pay TV operator must broadcast contents of a FTA TV channel in Mexico, while the second is also forced to allow to broadcast the TV network’s contents.

The measure was established by the Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT),  after making an analysis around the channels with more than 50% coverage in Mexican territory. The report determined that the Canal de las Estrellas, owned by Televisa Group, is the one with the highest coverage in the country, because it reaches 78.04% of the territory. Azteca 7 and Azteca 1 channels have a  77.02% and 76.52% coverage, while Canal 5 reaches 72.96% of the country, and ADN 40 and a + have 66.66% and 60.13%.

Javier Arnau Avila, Ad Value Director at Imagen TV, is one of the confirmed speakers in the next Sportv Series Latin America edition, an event that will take place next October 2nd at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, US, organized by Dataxis.