IFT rules that Televisa is a dominant pay TV player

Mexico’s telecom regulator IFT has decided by majority vote that Grupo Televisa is an economic agent with substantial power in the pay TV market.

Grupo Televisa considers that IFT’s decision is “unconstitutional” and announced that it will pursue all options in its defense.

In September 2015, IFT had resolved that Grupo Televisa had no substantial power in the relevant pay TV market. However, in January 2016 Circuit Court  ordered IFT to revoke the original ruling because it considered elements of information outside the relevant period of time under review.

The Mexican regulator said it will begin a new  proceeding to determine the measures that Televisa will have to implement for being a player with substantial market power.

At the end of Q416, Televisa’s  Cable TV operations recorded 4.21 million video RGUs, while Sky closed the year with 8.03 million subscribers (including nearly 207,000 in Central America and the Dominican Republic).

In its most recent statistical report, IFT reported that Mexico’s pay TV market reached 20.5 million subscriptions in September 2016.