IFT grants MVS a FTA channel in CDMX

Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT) extended and modified pay TV spectrum concession of Comband SA de CV , MVS subsidiary, which will allow it to have its own FTA channel in Mexico City and the metropolitan area. The regulator has not assigned the chanel’s frequency yet, which will be independent from MVS-TV, a digital network located on channel 6.4, which MVS rents to Multimedios Group since July 2018.

IFT’s determination comes after Mexican Supreme Court of Justice ordered it to re-discuss and grant MVS its 2014 request to enter to FTA TV of Mexican capital market, but the regulator has denied the request in November that year, and argued that condition 6 of the then Channel 52Mx concession article established that its concessionaire was only authorized for restricted TV broadcastings, and other regulatory arguments.

People related to MVS Communications said that they have not been notified about IFT’s resolution yet, but they will issue a position as soon as they can analyze it. Comband will have to accept new application  terms to broadcast on FTA and, this way, proceed to issue the final concession title.