IFT from Mexico approves Televisa – Univisión merger

The merger of the Mexican channels Televisa and Univisión was finally approved by the Plenary of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT). This way, the Televisa Group will obtain a value of USD 4.8 billion and 45% of the shares of the union, becoming its largest shareholder.

Last April, the two companies requested the authorization of the Televisa-Univisión combination, which they reported will have “the largest library of content and intellectual property in the Spanish-speaking market“. In addition, they estimate that the company will reach USD 4 billion in joint sales and an EBITDA of USD 1.6 billion.

As detailed by the IFT, the Televisa Group will retain ownership of its telecommunications and broadcasting concessions in Mexico, which include the channels programmed by Sky and Izzi and the advertising that they are available to market. In addition, it clarified that the approval does not prejudge other authorizations that companies must obtain from other instances.