IFT could apply fines on pay TV channels for exceeding advertising time limit allowed

The Mexican Telecommunications Federal Institute has confirmed that Mexican Pay TV channels are exceeding the advertising time limit, which is six minutes per hour during their broadcasts. Therefore, the regulatory body may apply a fine, as established by the Mexican Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law (LFTR).

On December 5th, 2019, executives from Izzi, Sky Mexico, Dish and Totalplay  filed a complaint by which they accused the TV channels of exceeding the advertising time limit allowed  by the LFTR. Some of the involved companies are Fox, Disney and HBO. LFTR’s Article N° 237 reports that FTA TV has a limit for advertising of 18% of all programming time on a channel, while on radio the allowed limit is 40%. On pay TV, the maximum allowed is six minutes for each hour.

The case was accepted for consideration on February 19th. Up to now, the Mexican regulator has not set a date for the resolution to be issued and the fines it would apply.