Honduras must have 500 TV channels migrated to DTT by January 2020

As reported by Honduran newspaper El Heraldo, that country’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) is developing an audit in order to determine which companies are meeting the measure that, by January 2020, 500 TV channels must migrate to DTT in the country. 

Six years ago, Conatel came to terms with TV operators in the country, that establish next December 31st as the deadline to implement the DTT migration. According to what El Heraldo reported, in Tegucigalpa, 15 TV channels were reported to be making TV broadcasts under this method. The standard chosen by the country to migrate to DTT is the ISDB-Tb one, but, according to El Heraldo, ‘there are few TV sets that have entered the country with this system’.

After Costa Rica, Honduras is the second country to start migrating to DTT in Central America. According to El Heraldo, Conatel is making the technological change being known in a first step, to later start distributing STBs to less resources people to implement the analog blackout in the country.