HBO to produce six new titles in Brazil for Latin America

HBO has announced six new Brazilian titles, with distribution for Latin America and the Caribbean including three new original productions that are already in development. They are ‘Area de serviço’; ‘O amor segundo Buenos Aires’ and ‘O beijo adolescente’. In addition, HBO Latin America announced three co-productions, already approved by the National Film Agency (Ancine).

‘In recent months, we have been working with Brazilian producers on the development of new national content in order to bring even more original and innovative stories to audiences around the world’, explained Roberto Rios, Corporate Vice President of Original Productions for HBO Latin America. ‘Brazilian content is also very well received internationally, and our productions have even been included on the new HBO Max platform in the US. To continue with this work, we are currently focused on analyzing new projects and on developing screenplays’, the executive added.

Area de serviço’, written and created by Pedro Cardoso and Graziella Moretto,  approaches the relationship between different social classes with a sharp humor. Born in Brazil and raised in Portugal from a young age, Jacinto is a businessman that returns to the country in search of information about his mother, whom he never met. While staying in his aunt’s mansion, he begins spending time with the numerous employees that work there, experiencing fun and unusual situations. The director, Monique Gardenberg, also participates in the development of the production. 

Other of the announced titles is ‘O amor segundo Buenos Aires’, based on the book written by Brazilian journalist Fernando Scheller, who is also part of the production team. According to what HBO Latin America reported, this drama finds Buenos Aires as the perfect setting for a mosaic of love stories. Hugo is a Brazilian who moves to the Argentinian capital to accompany his girlfriend, Leonor, who is going to study dance. As the romance grows cold, Hugo falls in love with the city and gets to know about other people’s stories.

‘O beijo adolescente’, fantasy series born from Rafael Coutinho’s graphic novels, who participates in the adaptation as a consultant, takes place in a world in which adults are colorless and where only young people are in color. In this reality, certain teenagers manifest a type of superpower upon having their first kiss – this is the gateway into the outlaw enterprise known as ‘O Beijo Adolescente’ (‘The Teenage Kiss’),which is subverting the adult world.

In addition to the original series, HBO Latin America annonced three documentary co-productions, which are at different stages. Already approved by the National Film Agency (Ancine), they are ‘Odilon, réu de si mesmo’; ‘Coisa de menino’ and ‘Bobiography’, and focus on the national justice system; the education of boys and skateboarder Bob Burnquist biopic.