HBO Max to focus on its US launch before launching in Latin America

HBO Max, AT&T’s SVOD OTT, is scheduled to launch in May. The company said the initial focus will be on growing the product in the US. AT&T CFO, John Stephens, said HBO Max initially will be  concerned with expanding on the domestic demographics covered by HBO.

‘Certainly, it will be basically a domestic product, I would expect, for the launch and going forward, where you’ll see us try to get our existing HBO customers to utilize it, expand into other non-HBO customers and expand it through bundling with our other products and services. And expect next year, we’d move towards an AVOD product, an advertising-assisted product to provide the affordability of the product into more people by the use of advertising and supplementing it so that, if you will, we’re still generating the revenue, but it doesn’t have to necessarily come out of the consumers’ pocket’, Stephens said, according to what the specialized website FierceVideo officially reported.

After that, he said AT&T will begin focusing on expanding HBO Max internationally. According to FierceVideo, the company wants to have 50 million US subscribers and 75-90 million premium subscribers by year-end in 2025 across the US, Latin America and Europe.