HBO is now available in Belize

The Belize Cable TV Operators Association (BCTVOA) and the HBO Latin America Group ran an agreement that ables the island’s pay TV operators to legally provide the channel’s catalog there for a two-year-period. Under this agreement, Belizean cable companies can now expand their catalog offer and provide authorized access to HBO, A&E, Lifetime, The History Channel and others.

The previous mentioned agreement was ran between Javier Figueras, Corporate Vice President Affiliate Sales at HBO Latin America, and Evan Tech, BCTVOA’s President,  and included compensation for years of access to HBO channels without permission. According to Figueras, the agreement between both companies ‘was necessary to align Belize with  copyright laws for programming, which have been applied throughout the region’, and said that piracy ‘has become an obstacle for global media companies, and HBO Latin America estimates that one in two Internet users in Belize access pirated TV content’.

HBO’s digital services such as HBO Go and HBO On Demand are not currently available in Belize, but the company is working to make HBO Go and HBO On Demand available in the near future, when the infraestructure is established.