Hamilton drives up Disney+ app downloads 46% over the weekend worldwide

Disney+, the new Disney SVOD OTT officially launched in November last year, increased its downloads globally this past weekend by 46%, after ‘Hamilton’, a movie based on the Broadway music show, was officially released on the platform this last Friday, July 3rd.

As reported by the specialized website Variety, based on data from the Apptopia firm, Disney+ downloads increased by 46.6% globally during this last weekend, compared to the average of the last four weeks. According to the reported data, the app was downloaded, only this weekend, 751,451 times in the world, of which 458,796 belongs to the US, always according to the Apptopia data reported by Variety. The figures reported indicate that, in the US, Disney+ downloads during this last weekend were 74% higher in relation to the average of the four weekends in June. Variety reports that global numbers do not include Disney+ results in India and Japan.

In early May, Disney officially reported a total of 54.5 million subscribers globally, six months after its launch. In the US, the OTT monthly subscription is valued at USD 6.99. As confirmed by Disney, the platform will be available this year in Latin America.