Guigo TV continues to strengthen its TV channels offering in Brazil

Brazilian pay TV OTT Guigo TV has recently announced an agreement with  Stenna Media company, through which it managed to strengthen its TV channels catalog by adding SBT, Record TV, Rede TV !, Loading and ZooMoo Kids to its grid.

According to what Renato Svirsky, the platform’s CEO, reported to the specialized website Telaviva, the addition of the new channels is a result of demands from Guigo TV’s own subscribers. ‘We are very proud of the channels that have been added. Some are highly awaited and requested by our audience. The arrival of the new channels is part of our strategy to deliver the best benefit at the lowest cost for pay TV consumers in Brazil’, the executive reported.

According to the terms of the agreement between Guigo TV and Stenna Media, the platform will now feature Simba Content channels (a company that is the result of a partnership between the already mentioned Brazilian TV channels SBT, Record TV and Rede TV!), Loading, a channel recently launched in Brazil, marketed by Stenna in the country and focused on young audiences, who at the end of 2020 added Crunchyroll content to its catalog; and ZooMoo Kids, a children’s channel acquired by Stenna for Brazil last year.

‘The agreement with Stenna is extremely important to broaden the horizons of content distribution with ISPs and streaming platforms, democratizing access to quality programming’, said Carlos Alkimim, Director of Partnerships and Distribution at Simba Content.

In addition to the already mentioned channels, the Guigo TV catalog is made up of Brazilian channels and others from other countries around the world. Some of them are Band, CNN Brasil, BBC World News, Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD, ESPN Extra, ESPN Brasil, ESPN 2, ESPN, Rai Italia, Las Estrellas, TLN Network, Film & Arts, AMC, Eurochannel and Trance Brazuca.