Guigo TV adds Mexican and Colombian channels to its catalog

Renato Svirsky, OTT Guigo TV founder, which was recently launched throughout Brazil to broadcast live content, gave details on new Latin American channels that are joining the platform, and focused himself in the incorporation of Televisa, TV Azteca (Mexico) and RCN (Colombia), which he qualified as the most required TV channels by subscribers.

‘We brought channels like  Televisa (Mexico), RCN (Colombia) and TV Azteca (Mexico) at the moment, which have a lot of Latin TV coverage, without advertising and exclusively in Brazil’, Renato Svirsky informed about the arrival of the channels to the platform.

Asked about the negotiations with Televisa, Svirsky expressed that he was the mediator of the meetings with executives of the Mexican TV network that made its arrival possible in Brazil. ‘Yes, it was I. And we also have people who help us, we have partners in France, the US and Argentina, Televisa is very happy to take the channel to Brazil, specially TLN, the channel they created and had to leave Brazil. They did not know how to do to be here, and we gave them the opportunity to take their content back to the country’, said Svirsky.