Grupo Octubre to launch new TV channel in Argentina

Argentine Grupo Octubre, led by Víctor Santa Maria and controller of the newspaper Página 12, radio AM 750, and others, will launch its news TV channel, called IP (Informacion Periodistica), on October 17th, according to several local websites.

 The channel will be launched as part of a partnership agreement held at the end of last year between Grupo Octubre and Telearte SA, a company led by Argentine Carlos Eduardo Lorefice Lynch, which controls the free-to-air TV channel Canal 9, where the programs of the new TV channel will be broadcast.

 ‘We aim for the channel’s focus to be on information, without editorializing, as we do with other products of the group, such as Pagina / 12 or AM 750. We will have a large presence of mobile units in the street and a new generation of journalists, who basically have not been working in the Grupo Octubre media’, reported Santa Maria. The channel is expected to be available soon on the main cable operators in Argentina.

 Some of the Grupo Octubre productions available on the Canal 9 screen are ‘Cami a las 6’, in duplex with AM 750; ‘TL9 Federal’; ‘Nara que ver’;  ‘Vivo para Vos’, and others.