Grupo GTD unifies its brand portfolio

The Chilean company Grupo GTD announced it is grouping all its units under two major brands: GTD, which will operate in the North and Central areas in the country, and Telsur, who will do so in the Chilean South zone. As a result, Grupo GTD, GTD Teleductos, GTD Manquehue and GTD Intesis will now use the GTD brand, while Telefonica del Sur and Telefonica de Coyhaique’s brand will now be Telsur. The company will continue to use the GTD brand in international operations.

‘This change will be beneficial for us to serve all our segments under a single brand, simplifying our reach to all our customers’, said Felipe Saitua, Corporate Marketing and Products Manager at Grupo GTD. The process was made together with the Almabrands firm, which developed the strategy and brand design, and the Double Turn agency, who supported the image change process carried out by GTD.

The executive added that in recent years ‘we have had great growth as a company, and this change allows us to better communicate ourselves with our clients, in order to better face future challenges’. This way, Saitua said that some of them are the digital transformation and implementation of the Prat submarine cable, which will connect Chile from Arica to Puerto Montt, doubling the current data transmission capacity and internet quality.