Grêmio also joins the streaming market with ‘Grêmio Play’

Brazilian football club Grêmio de Porto Alegre announced on Tuesday the launch of its new SVOD OTT, which it called ‘Grêmio Play’. According to the information officially reported from the Brazilian club, the platform will bring together sports content entirely focused on the football club, although it will also offer a catalog of around 5 thousand titles of entertainment content, which will include movies, series, documentaries, children’s content and TV shows; and even a TV channel and a radio broadcaster.

Regarding the contents focused on the Brazilian team, Grêmio Play makes them available through the radio broadcaster (Grêmio Rádio) and the TV channel (Grêmio TV No Ar), which broadcast 24 hours a day and gather live and on demand content, including interviews, match reports, news related to the club and exclusive productions. In addition, the platform offers the already mentioned 5 thousand entertainment titles and 600 titles for rent (TVOD format), which will be released at the same time in cinemas and on the OTT. The titles that are rented will be able to be watched during a 48-hours period.

Grêmio Play is available both from its web version, as well as from mobile devices, through the app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS devices, and the Google Store for Android ones. The platform is also compatible with Chromecast and, as reported by the Brazilian football club, it will soon be available for smart TVs and devices with Android TV.

Grêmio Play plans include a free subscription, which provides access to more than 2,800 club content and the radio for 24 hours, together with other features. Then, other plans are offered for a monthly subscription. One of them is exclusive for Grêmio members, and includes access to the TV channel, the radio and the possibility of renting titles, and other features. The remaining plan supports a cheaper subscription for members and a more expensive one for non-members, but, in both cases, it offers unlimited access to the entire platform catalog.