Google TV integrates Pluto TV channels to its platform

Google teamed up with Pluto TV to integrate the IPTV’s channels to its Google TV platform in the United States. Since December, after the last update of the system, users in the region can now access more than 300 series and movie signals, at no additional cost. Meanwhile, it is speculated that the collaboration will soon extend to the rest of the countries where the two services coexist.

During 2021, ViacomCBS’s free streaming platform announced and executed various alliances around the world. In Latin America, it reached agreements with different operators and television brands to include access to the app on their devices, in addition to joining forces to sell advertising space, as it recently did with Yahoo! On the other hand, it also affirmed that in 2022 it will arrive in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, after having signed with the European company Nordic Entertainment Group.

We partnered with Pluto TV so you can access more than 300 free live TV channels on Google TV,” the Internet giant announced in a blog post. “Visit the Live tab to see what’s on now, or check out free live TV recommendations on the For You tab. This new integration with Pluto TV will be available on all Google TV devices in the coming weeks“, the company explained about the app.