Google launched its CDN service which will expedite content and video delivery in Latin America

The American technology company Google launched a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service that seeks to speed up content delivery time. This will enable faster uploads and downloads, which will benefit video platforms and unconventional TV (OTTs, TV Everywhere, VOD) in Latin America since in the region there are five servers located in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

Google Cloud CDN service is in alpha testing phase, with some geographic restrictions and of download size and uses Google’s infrastructure for the delivery of content. The mechanism distributes data to servers around the world, in order to always deliver content from the point closest to the user.

The new CDN is able to speed up loading of pages and applications while reducing the load on the servers where the sites are hosted, as explained in the service’s website. With this, Google seeks to compete with Akamai, a company that is currently the industry’s leader, and other companies like Amazon and CloudFare.