GolTV to broadcast Ecuadorian soccer league

GolTV (Tenfield) acquired the rights to broadcast the Ecuadorian soccer tournament starting next season and for a 10 years period. The Ecuadorian Soccer Federation (FEF in Spanish) made the announcement last week.

According to El Universo, GolTV will make the official launch on August 16. The deal guarantees FEF USD 276 million. In this sense, popular teams of that country like Barcelona, Emelec and Liga de Quito expect to know how the money obtained by the rights will be distributed.

“We had some talks, but we do not have detailed knowledge, the FEF is the one that does the negotiation of the rights and we are attentive to how the economic distribution will be,” said the president of Barcelona, José Francisco Cevallos, as reported by the media Ecuadorian.

In the same line, Emelec President, Nassib Neme, commented: “It is impossible to predict the future of the teams with this agreement because the FEF will have to report the terms of the deal, but I see that the revenues will improve substantially”.

GolTV is owned by Uruguayan businessman Paco Casal. FEF had also received offers from companies such as Servisky, Win Sport and DirecTV.