GOLTV offers almost USD 50 million for Bolivian Football TV broadcasting rights

The Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) officially reported this last Tuesday the list of companies that are competing for the rights to broadcast the Bolivian Professional Football League between 2021 and 2024. As reported by the entity, of the eight companies that presented their offers, Sport TV Rights; Tigo Bolivia and GolTV are the ones that officialized them.

The offer from Sport TV Rights, the company that currently holds the rights to broadcast the Bolivian Professional Football League, is valued at almost USD 46.5 million. Tigo Bolivia also presented its offer to own the rights, worth USD 46 million, while GolTV presented the higher offer, for almost USD 50 million. As reported by FBF, GolTV is willing an associative modality, resulting from determining the distribution of 70% of the income from the commercialization of the acquired rights, which should not be less than USD 45 million, according to the conditions of the tender.

Other companies that also presented their  offers were the BEO Sport Group, FECOTEL, OPI SAS, IMG Media Brazil and Nexus. The award of the rights will be informed in the coming days. In June, Marcelo Claure, President of the Bolivian football club Bolivar, announced that he was offering USD 100 million to acquire the TV rights to Bolivian football for 10 years.