Glowstar Media to represent Videoplugger’s titles in Latin America and US Hispanic

The Argentine producer and distributor Glowstar Media announced a partnership agreement with the British producer Videoplugger, to represent its content in Latin America and the US Hispanic market. Contents included are documentaries to release in the region, European and Asian series for their Latin American premiere and their formats for local adaptation.

Some of the Videoplugger titles that Glowstar will represent are documentaries such as ‘Red Zones’, recently broadcast by Sky Italy, which focuses on the Coronavirus pandemic process in the country, with statements and exclusive content from its population. Other titles included in the agreement ran by both companies are ‘Code’; ‘The Sect’; ‘Awake’; ‘Natural Selection’; ‘Zerosterone’; ‘The Bank’ and ‘Life of Lies’.

At the end of 2019, Glowstar Media announced its first original production agreement for Netflix in the US, for the license and exclusive production of the Stand Up Comedy special ‘Disculpe las molestias’, written and starred by Argentine comedian, actor and influencer Grego Rossello. The show, already available on the platform, took place at the Lola Membrives Theater in Buenos Aires, and was recorded in 4K with the highest artistic and technical quality standards, as officially reported by Glowstar Media.