Globoplay now available on Samsung smart TVs in Brazil

Brazilian Globo Group announced it has ran an agreement with Samsung to integrate its OTT Globoplay on its new 2020 TVs line.  This way, the Globo platform continues to increase its distribution in smart TVs in Brazil, where it is already available on TLC, Sony and Panasonic devices.

‘The great innovation of this agreement with Samsung is that we are building a new experience when watching TV. It is what we call hybrid TV. We create a bridge between Globo’s FTA TV broadcast, received by antenna, with Globoplay, which is connected via the internet. This way, we began to break down the existing barrier between the FTA TV linear consumption and the VOD platform’, said Raymundo Barros, Globo’s Chief Technology Officer.

Samsung’s new line of smart TVs was officially launched in Brazil this past June 16th, and has direct access to Globoplay. In addition, the platform recently announced another agreement to make its app available on devices with the solution for smart TVs from the German company Foxxum available. The mentioned agreement establishes the launch of the Globoplay app for those who have Foxxum devices enabled in Brazil.