Globo to premiere new series produced during quarantine period in September

Adding itself to the multiple series that emerged in the region during the Coronavirus pandemic, Globo announced that it will premiere ‘Amor e Sorte’ in September, with four episodes that will be premiered on TV Globo. As detailed by the company, each episode is based on issues related to the quarantine period.

In the first episode, Brazilian actors Lazaro Ramos and Tais Araujo will act as a couple living together during the pandemic and, when they disagree on an ideological issue, they star in a marriage discussion. In the second episode, Brazilian actors Caio Blat and Luisa Arretes star in a relationship that begins when the insulation measure is announced.

In the third episode,  Brazilians Emilio Dantas and Fabiula Nascimento give life to a couple that is heading towards divorce, just when the quarantine begins. Finally, the fourth episode stars Brazilians Fernanda Montenegro and Fernanda Torres, who act like a mother and daughter who need to deal with isolation and their memories of the past.

Besides Globo, other examples of series produced and released during the quarantine are ‘Confinados’ (RCN, Colombia); ‘Terapia en Cuarentena’ (Argentine platform Cont.Ar); ‘Historias de Cuarentena’ (Mega, Chile); ‘Adentro’ (Cablevision Flow, Argentina), and others.