Globo removes Mais na Tela to replace it with new travel channel

The Brazilian company Globo announced that it will eliminate Mais na Tela, the continuation of the pioneer signal in the transmission of HD images on pay TV in Brazil. In its replacement, in January 2022 it will launch the Modo Viagem channel, with tourism and lifestyle related content.

Despite the rebrand, some of the old programs on the grid will continue to be transmitted, since several of the productions of Mais na Tela are related to traveling. On the other hand, some of the new shows that will premiere from next year will be Ruas Brasil Afora, in which the presenter Rodrigo Ruas will share his journey around the world looking for unique experiences; Incredible Hotels, which will show the world’s most luxurious hotels in detail; and Vinhos Br, which will be about wine production in Brazil.

In 2007, with the arrival of HD broadcasting in Brazil, Globo launched the Globosat HD channel, which, as its name indicated, began a new era of image quality on the country’s television, as it was one of the first signals to transmit all its content entirely in high definition. Five years later, the brand changed to Mais Globosat, due to the expansion of HD to other Globo Group channels. Finally, in October 2020 it became Mais na tela, a name that it will retain until the end of 2021, when it will be replaced by Modo Viagem.