Globo launches new pay TV via OTT package through Globoplay

Brazilian company Globo has recently announced the launch of Globoplay +, a new package with linear pay TV channels, which it broadcasts via OTT through Globoplay. The offer is available from this Tuesday, September 1st and includes Globosat’s channelst, Globo’s pay TV division. Specialized websites in Brazil had previously reported this initiative.

Linear channels available on Globoplay + are Multishow, Globonews, Sportv 1, Sportv 2, Sportv 3, GNT, Viva, Gloob, Globinho, Off, Bis, Mais Globosat, Megapix, Universal TV, Studio Universal, Syfy, Canal Brasil, and others . In the cases of Universal TV, Studio Universal and Syfy, these are channels that Globosat does not produce, but only distributes them in Brazil.

Globoplay + is available in Brazil for a R$ 49,90 (USD 9) monthly subscription. During September, the package can only be accessed by those who are already Globoplay subscribers, although, as of October, Globo will expand the offer and make it available to anyone. Regardless of the new initiative, Globoplay will continue to offer its free version and its traditional plan, currently valued at R$ 22.90 (USD 4) per month. Although the free subscription allows access to some Globo FTS TV channels and some VOD content, the paid plan adds the possibility of watching Globo programs on demand, and 24-hour access to the Big Brother Brazil broadcasts, as well as watching exclusive Globoplay productions.