Globo delayed Brazilian miniseries premiere because of Net and Now

Brazilian miniseries “Se eu fechar os olhos agora” (If I close my eyes now) was the first of Globo that acquired Now (OTT of the Brazilian channel Net) before its premiere on FTA, according to Ricardo Linhares, author of the series. Its premiere was on April 15th on Globo, and it was planned to be broadcast initially on GloboPlay.

‘I started writing the chapters scripts in 2017 and the possibility for the project  to be broadcast first in GloboPlay came up’, said Linhares, who explained that the project had Globo’s approval in 2016, but it was not possible to continue with it that year. ‘Then, Net (Now) made an offer to acquire the launching rights and broadcasts exclusivity”, added the author, and expressed  that the fact ‘had never happened before. Globo’s programs used to go to Now only after its premiere on FTA or on the Group’s cable channels’.

According to the Brazilian website ‘NaTelinha’, the OTT Now usually receives the Globo Group’s catalog only after the productions releases on FTA. To watch the series in 2018, subscribers had to pay USD 11 and was entitled to access 10 chapters, but neither Globo nor Now was informed about the number of people who subscribed to access to the content.

The series is fully available for all GloboPlay’s subscribers, and in the coming weeks will be released on TV by Globo. The company did not report the value that Net paid to have exclusivity rights and broadcast series episodes first.