Globo cancels Brazilian Carioca League broadcasts due to differences with Flamengo

The Brazilian company Globo, which owns the TV rights for various sports competitions in the country, announced it has decided to cancel the agreement to broadcast the Carioca League on FTA TV and Pay TV. The football competition brings Rio de Janeiro football clubs together.

After his decision, Globo explained that, to its view, the agreement was ‘violated’ this last Wednesday, July 1st, when the Brazilian football club Flamengo, the only one of the 12 teams in the Professional Football League of Rio de Janeiro that did not come to terms  with the company, has broadcast the match it played against the Boavista club through its TV channel, FlaTV, available on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Flamengo took that decision based on a Provisional Measure promulgated on June 18th by the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, which establishes that the local team has the rights to the broadcasts of the matches and their advertising exploitation. Globo, owner of the TV rights for the Carioca Championship, acknowledged that the measure announced by Bolsonaro did not allow it to broadcast Flamengo’s matches, but also reported that Flamengo should not have done the broadcast either, since Boavista is part of the teams that have an agreement in force with Globo for the exclusive broadcast of the competition.

Globo reported that the agreement, in force for several seasons, ‘is supported by the Constitution’ and, due to the inaction of the Rio de Janeiro Football Federation and the other clubs to support the agreement, it decided to cancel it, but promised to pay the clubs the amounts agreed for this season.