Gama TV and TC agree to pay debt to Ecuadorian Soccer Federation

Free-to-air channels TC Televisión and Gama TV have agreed to pay the debts related to their TV rights for national soccer tournaments, said the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation (FEF in Spanish).

The channels that own the broadcast rights to the Ecuadorian Football Championship until December 2017 “have committed to make a very important payment to the debt they have with the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation on July 15 and to regularize monthly payments until mid-October “, FEF said in a statement.

In a separate statement, FEF said that the twelve clubs of the First A category, the twelve of the B category and the twenty two Provincial Associations expressed their discomfort and demanded the payment of the debt, which amounts to more than USD 3.6 million.

According to local media, Gama and TC have to pay a USD 1.6 million fee in July. If not, it will add up to USD 3.6 million, so the final debt will amount to USD 5.2 million. This year, both channels ceded their rights to pay TV operators and the games stopped being broadcast on free-to-air TV.

From 2018, the rights to broadcast the national tournament will be in the hands of GolTV, the company headed by the Uruguayan entrepreneur Paco Casal.