Fuse Plus launches on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

Fuse Plus, the new streaming service from the Latin American company Fuse, was launched in the market with access from the Apple TV and Fire TV platforms, free of charge. In addition, it plans to join Roku in the same way, and mobile devices through its own application, with a fee of USD 2 per month.

With 500 hours of content, the OTT mixes programming from its linear channel along with an additional catalogue, all available for viewing On Demand. It was also informed that it will have a small amount of ads.

At the end of last year, the company began to be run by Latin Americans, and since then it has set the goal of targeting its product towards Latino and multicultural English-speaking audiences. Miguel “Mike” Roggero, CEO of Fuse, said his mission was “to provide content for an audience that is often overlooked”.

As our research has shown, young consumers demand empowering content that is representative, inclusive and authentic. Fuse Media launches Fuse Plus as another step in serving this audience across all screens”, he explained.