FTTH represents 52% of ETB’s total clients

As part of its Q3 2020 quarterly results report presentation,  the Colombian Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB) reported that its fixed customer base added 23 thousand new users in relation to Q3 2019, and now features 900 thousand customers. The Colombian company has also highlighted the good performance that its FTTH customer base has been showing, which has achieved an increase of more than 100 thousand users so far this year, and an increase of 35 thousand users during the quarter. The FTTH base ended 2019 with 366 thousand clients; closed Q2 2020 with 433 thousand, and reported 468 thousand users as of September 30th.

During the first nine months of 2020, ETB’s TV customer base made an increase of 100 thousand users: it ended 2019 with 124 thousand customers, and, as of September 30th, it reported 134 thousand. Likewise, ETB ended Q2 2020 with 126 thousand TV clients, increasing its base by 8 thousand users during the last three months.

According to ETB’s report, of the 900 thousand fixed service clients reported as of September 30th , 433 thousand users belong to cable TV, and 468 thousand to FTTH. As of September 30th, the FTTH user base represents 52% of the Colombian company’s total clients, compared to copper, which represents the remaining 48% of users. During Q2 2020, the proportions were reversed: 52% of users belonged to the cable customer base; and 48% of the clients, to the FTTH base. The growth of FTTH users as of September 2020 was 28% compared to December 2019; and 8% compared to June 2020. On the other hand, as reflected in the already mentioned percentages, copper decreased its base in ETB: it ended 2019 with 511 thousand users; to later report 486 thousand clients at the end of Q1 2020; 464 thousand as of June 30th; and 433 thousand at the end of Q3.

The number of broadband users also showed a positive behavior, with a growth of 52 thousand clients compared to December 2019, and 17 thousand clients compared to June 2020. The total of ETB’s broadband clients was 620 thousand users in December 2019. In March 2020 it recorded 632 thousand; in June 655 thousand, and in September, 672 thousand. During Q3 2020, 207 thousand copper broadband users and 465 thousand broadband clients via FTTH were reported. ETB also informed that 69% of all its broadband clients hire the FTTH offer.

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