FTTH leads broadband in Latin America in Q2 2021

FTTH reached a 39% share in the Latin American broadband market, which exceeded 100 million accesses, and became the option with the highest rate of diffusion in the region in Q2 2021, according to Dataxis. The analysis also foresees that eventually broadband will become a standalone product combined with third-party OTT services.

Additionally, the report explains that competition from fiber optic providers is highly fragmented, with numbers that show relatively low dominance from large incumbents. The group that had the most presence in the market after the deployment was Telefónica with 16.4%, and then América Móvil with 15.2%; both affected by the results obtained by dozens of small and medium providers that join the competition, “encouraged by the low cost of deployment and the lack of competitors with ultrabroadband options in suburban areas“, the report details. By 2026, it is estimated that FTTH will concentrate 83.2 million accesses in Latin America, with a growth of 113.2%

As of 2020, Dataxis registered a strong migration of cable systems and now affirms that although FTTH does not compete in the same lane as pay TV, it has a significant impact on its consumption, since most providers offer the service combined with options of IPTVs and OTTs. “TV bundled with fiber already started to replace traditional bundles like DSL-DTH and Cable-Cable Modem and encourages the rise of a new competition, threatening existing market leaders“, the report announces.