Free streaming platform Canela.TV arrives in Colombia

Canela.TV, the Latin American free streaming service, announced that it will be available in Colombia before the end of November. Originally, the platform had been launched as a product for the Spanish-speaking public in the United States, but in the last year it was expanded to Puerto Rico and Mexico.

The service works through a VOD app that offers free content for the online public, which includes a series of programmatic advertisements, a system that according to the company drove the platform’s growth. Germán Palomares, Country Manager of Canela.TV, previously explained about the model: “It has allowed us to place ads, according to the content and data analysis of each user through artificial intelligence tools and first party data (data collected from their own sources ), without saturating the user with high commercial loads”.

Thanks to its extensive catalogue, which includes content from production companies such as the Spanish Atresmedia, the Argentine Polka and the Colombian Caracol TV, the OTT has gained a large number of subscribers since it began its expansion in Latin America. For example, five months after being launched in Mexico, it exceeded 6 million users in the country.