Fox, Turner planning Argentine soccer streaming platform

Fox and Turner are planning to launch a new streaming platform that will allow users to watch the matches of the Argentine soccer league, according to newspaper La Nación. The service, however, will not be ready when the new tournament starts in August. It would start operating by the end of the year or in early 2018.

“We cannot  assure you that this multi-platform service will be implemented from day 1 of the contract, but it is within the business plan”, said a source familiar with both Fox and Turner’s strategy for the soccer business in Argentina.

Just a few days ago, Fox and Turner won the Argentine soccer TV rights. The matches of the domestic league will be available on pay TV, for an additional fee of around AR$ 300 (USD 19), according to local media.

The streaming service would be available as a standalone service for a subscription price of around AR $ 600 (USD 38.5).

Both companies already have experience in streaming live events. Fox offer several sports events through its Fox Sports’ TV Everywhere service, while Turner owns Esporte Interativo channel in Brazil, which has an OTT service called EI Plus. Turner also offer live streaming events through channels Space and TNT.