FOX Sports denies Fifa-gate accusations

FOX Sports issued a press release denying the statements of Argentine businessman Alejandro Burzaco, who linked the channel in Fifa Gate corruption scandal.

“Any suggestion that FOX Sports knew or approved bribes is absolutely false. FOX Sports did not have operational control over the entity directed by Burzaco”, said the company.

“The entity managed by Burzaco was a subsidiary of Fox Pan American Sports, which in 2008, at the time of the contract in question, was majority owned by a company with private capital and under his operational and management control,” explained FOX Sports in its press release.

Burzaco, former CEO of the company Torneos, told the US Justice that in addition to FOX Sports, Mexico’s Televisa, Spain’s Mediapro and Brazil’s Globo paid bribes to win broadcasting rights for several soccer tournaments.