Fox Sports Brazil to broadcast the World Cup Russia 2018

Brazilian sports network Fox Sports has reached a commercial agreement with the media group Globo and acquired the rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 that will be played between June 14th and July 15th of that year.

This is the second time that Fox Sports broadcasts the games of the World Cup. The previous competition, Brazil 2014, was the first one. “We are ready to make a great and differentiated coverage, with all the details, with professionals and renowned commentators,” said Fox Sports Brazil’s Vice President, Eduardo Zebini. The network will broadcast live more than 760 hours through its channels Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2.

On the other hand, the network Band (Rede Bandeirantes) is negotiating with Globo, the programmer that owns the licenses in Brazil to broadcast Russia 2018. ESPN Brazil has already decided that it won’t broadcast this World Cup, unlike what it did for Brazil 2014.