Fox Sports App to be only available in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico from December

According to what was officially reported, Fox Sports app will no longer be available in Latin America from next December 5th, with the exception of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The company has previously announced that Fox Sports subscriptions from iTunes Store and Google Play are no renewing themselves since last October 11th in Latin America, except from Brazil and Mexico.

To continue accessing Fox’s channels and sporting events, the company invites its clients to subscribe to a pay TV operator. The company also asks its subscribers to download the ESPN app for free, to “live the whole sport in one place” and “enjoy the best news” of various sports competitions.

Fox also announced that the option to hire Fox Premium and Fox+ directly through iTunes Store and Google Play was cancelled yesterday in Brazil and Mexico. Direct subscriptions were cancelled and, same as Fox Sports app, both platforms can only be accessed through a pay TV operator.