Fox broadcasts Mayweather-McGregor differently for each country in Latin America

Fox will broadcast the boxing match Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in Latin America, but there will be differences depending on the country. In South America, it will only be available for Fox Premium pack. However, any pay TV subscriber will be able to watch the sporting event in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Brazil isn’t confirmed yet.

The reason of this difference with Mexico lies in the fact that local FTA channels Televisa and TV Azteca will broadcast the boxing match for free. Mexican pay TV subscribers will be able to watch the fight on Fox Sports.

Fox Action, included in the network’s premium pack, will broadcast the sporting event in Latin America, except for Chile. In that country they have a pack called Fox Sports Premium. It wasn’t confirmed yet if it will be possible to watch the fight in Brazil.

Showtime and Sky Sports will broadcast the fight in the US. In order to watch it on TV in that country, a fee between USD 90 and USD 100 -SD and HD- will be charged. Boxing experts estimate that this will be the highest-grossing fight of all times.