Foreign OTTs could include Colombian local titles special section from 2020

With the aim of encouraging national audiovisual production content in Colombia, the National Development Plan could make foreign OTTs such as Netflix, Movistar Play or Amazon Prime Video, and others, compulsorily to include a section with only Colombian titles, starting in 2020.

‘The initial proposal was to establish a minimum screen fee of 10% to support the industry. However, in the text approved after the first debate instance, it was agreed to create an outstanding section in which local pieces are together, so that they can have greater visibility’, said Catalina Ortiz, representative to the Chamber for the Colombian Green Party. María Claudia Lacouture, who presides the Colombo American Commerce Chamber (AmCham Colombia), said that, because of the measure, OTTs ‘would be forced to incorporate local content instead of buying it for its quality. In addition, it would be discriminatory for foreign producers that bring investment or, even, to the nationals that have partnered with them’.

In 2018, Netflix announced the launch of productions such as Distrito Salvaje, El Stand up de Liss, El Stand up de Ricardo, Frontera Verde, Siempre Bruja and Colmenares, all of them from Colombia and with a global reachment. Apart from that, Netflix has started the process to buy the One Hundred Years of Solitude’s rights, written by the Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to adapt it into a series on Netflix. In addition, Telefonica have recently announced that it will develop original series productions in Latin America through Movistar Play, which have already started to be recorded in Colombia and Peru.