Flow integrates Star + to its STBs

Flow users registered in the last hours the appearance of the Star + app, Disney’s OTT recently launched in Latin America, in the STB of the Argentine operator. In addition to the free access that was enabled for customers of the service, they can now enjoy the content from their EPG.

On September 22, Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed that the company’s new platform was showing slower growth than expected in Latin America. After that, its goal now is to promote the service through operating partners, which will include the app for their subscribers to access for free or with a promotional value, as happened with Disney +.

With this incorporation, Flow continues to strengthen its goal of “being the place where all the content is”, as expressed by Gonzalo Hita, COO of Telecom Argentina, during his participation in Nextv Series South America. Currently, the operator has all the content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, YouTube and YouTube Kids, unified on the same platform, to which is added the Star + library.