Flow exceeds one million subscribers in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in Q3 2021

Flow, Telecom’s advanced TV service in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, reached 1.1 million subscribers at the end of the third quarter of the year, as announced by the company in the financial results report for the last period. After having grown 4% in its customer base, with a total of 43 thousand positive net additions, at the end of Q3 2021 the platform came to represent 30.8% of total pay TV subscribers.

Recently, the telco renews its image in Argentina, where it eliminated Cablevisión and Fibertel, and used the Flow brand to consolidate its Pay TV offering, while grouping Internet services and fixed and mobile telephony into Personal. However, this is not the case in Uruguay, where Cablevisión is still preserved; while in Paraguay the company distributed its operations between Personal TV and Flow.

During the last year, the platform that offers a combined experience of live TV, streaming and On Demand content, strengthened its library after incorporating three more OTTs with exclusive benefits for its subscribers. In addition to Netflix and Disney +, Flow customers now have access to Star + and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Paramount + content, which was integrated into the Telecom application catalogue. Thus, the platform continued to grow under the slogan that it promotes in its campaign: “being the meeting place for all content“.