FlixLatino strengthens its content catalog with two new linear TV channels

FlixLatino, SomosNext’s SVOD OTT, subsidiary of SomosTV LLC and focused on the development and exploitation of paid distribution of online audiovisual content in Spanish, has added two new linear TV channels in Spanish to its catalog, which is available in the US and Puerto Rico. These are FlixLatino Live and Flix Kids, the latter one with the same name as the children’s content section that the platform added in 2019, with parental controls.

As reported by the company, FlixLatino subscribers who access FlixLatino Live will be able to watch a selection of series, documentaries and films; while Flix Kids will bring together children’s and educational series. To access both new linear TV channels, the payment of a USD 2 monthly subscription is requested, apart from the subscription to access the SVOD OTT, valued at USD 2.99 per month. ‘While FlixLatino Live is focused on adult subscribers, Flix Kids is available in a section controlled by parents, which keeps sons and daughters in a unique and safe space’, they reported from SomosNext.

‘With the linear TV channels FlixLatino Live for adults, and Flix Kids for the little ones, we expanded FlixLatino’s audience towards an attractive application for the whole family for a very impressive offer of USD 2.99 per month, added to a modest addition to this basic amount’, reported Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO at SomosNext, who then added that FlixLatino ‘no longer offers only movies, series, documentaries, events and on demand animation, but also two linear TV channels that allow subscribers to explore and enjoy its catalog’. According to the executive, ‘in terms of options, we have the content and formats that the market requests on a single subscription. Surely, this configuration will become a growth engine for the service, and we are at the most appropriate time for its launch’.