Fanatiz to distribute the Brasileirão for Latin America and the world, except from Brazil

Fanatiz announced a groundbreaking new partnership to broadcast Brazil’s Championship A & B Series Leagues, better known as the Brasileirão, globally, outside of Brazil. For the first time since 2018, the Brasileirão, beloved to football fans globally and one of the world’s top 10 football leagues, will be fully available to its followers.

The Brasileirão will be available as a stand-alone package for a USD 7.99 monthly subscription, which includes a seven-day free trial. The special pack includes all matches from the championship’s A and B Series. All football matches will be shown live and on-demand on the Fanatiz platform.

‘We are thrilled to welcome the Brasileirão to Fanatiz, adding another of the world’s top 10 football leagues to our growing portfolio of premium football. We are acutely aware of the difficulties millions of football fans all over the world face trying to watch high-quality football, and in particular the Brasileirão, of which many matches have been unavailable to global fans since 2018. Today Fanatiz once more delivers on its promise of bringing great football to fans worldwide with the launch of the Brasileirão  Pack’, said Matias Rivera, Fanatiz CEO & Founder. ‘To the fans of Brazilian football all over the world: welcome to Fanatiz, the world’s largest stadium’, he added.